Privacy Policy


1. Premise

In this Privacy Policy the procedures of managing the Site and the App are described in reference to the treatment of the personal data of users that the Site and the App. This Policy is made available in accordance with clause 13 of Legislative Decree n° 196/2006 – Italian Personal Data Protection Code – to those who interact with the company web and mobile services, which are accessible via telecommunications starting from the address or using the QrDelivery App.

The Policy is only for the site and for the App mentioned and not for any other web sites that may be consulted by the user via links. Visiting the web site or using the QrDelivery app you implicitly accept the procedures described in this Privacy Policy.

2. Data controller

The Data controller is Axylog S.r.l.s. which has its registered office in Borgo San Patrizio 84 Campofilone, e-mail, and which pays particular attention to the protection of users’ personal data.

3. Place where data is processed

The handling of data connected to the web services of this site take place at the operations centre located in Gioacchino Rossini 21 Altidona and is managed only by the person in charge of handling this data, or by persons in charge of occasional maintenance operations.

No data deriving from the use of web services is communicated or divulged to third parties.

Personal data given by users who forward requests for informative material to be sent is used only for the purposes of performing the service or transaction requested.

4. Types of data handled

4.1 Personal data

The present Policy applies to personal data supplied by users and collected and processed by Axylog S.r.l.s. with reference to transactions on the web site and app specified. Within the ambit of the present Policy, “personal data” is intended to mean any personal information about the users that can identify them, directly or indirectly (in particular their name, address, telephone number, email address and geolocation) as well as any reference resulting from such information.

4.2 Information collected and processed

Whenever a user uses the services of Axylog S.r.l.s. the latter collects personal data limited to: personal details and geographical positions. As far as geographical position is concerned, Axylog S.r.l.s. does not acquire the data automatically, but only following the cognizant action of the user who voluntarily communicates his geographical coordinates during the phases of travel, arrival and effected delivery.

4.3. Cookies

No user’s personal data is acquired by the site with regards to cookies. Cookies are not used to communicate information of a personal nature, nor are so-called persistent cookies of any type used, that is to say user tracing systems.

The only cookies used are technical ones, for which, in accordance with clause 122 of the privacy code and the regulations of the Guarantor dated 8th May 2014, it is not necessary to have the consensus of the interested party.

5. Disclosure of users’ personal data to third parties

No data deriving from the web service is communicated or divulged to third parties.

Any personal data supplied by users who forward requests for services is used only for the purposes of performing the service or transaction requested and is not communicated to third parties except where the communication is imposed by legal obligations or where it is strictly necessary for compliance with the requests made.

6. Data handling and security procedures

Personal data is handled by computerised information tools. Axylog S.r.l.s. adopts all the technical and organisational techniques appropriate to guarantee the security of users’ personal data in the event of accidental or illegal destruction, loss and accidental modification, disclosure or unauthorised access (in particular where handling foresees data transmission by means of a network) and in the case of data handling procedures that do not conform to the laws in force.

7. Interested party rights

The parties to whom the data refers have rights as provided for by clause 7 of the Privacy Code which makes provision for, among other things, the right to know of the presence of their data and to obtain the cancellation, correction or updating of the same by applying to the Data Controller in the person of Axylog S.r.l.s. at the address specified above.